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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Dear Sigrid, Thank you a million times over for the great job you did with my brother's house.  Seeing it for the first time in many years was a total shock and the clean up seemed insurmountable. But you came to our rescue and I deeply appreciate the hard work you did.

The pleasure was ours…

Sigrid, Thank you so much!

Sigrid- When we buy in Vermont again, we definitely want to work with you; thank you!

Of all the agents we met today, we like you the best…

Sigrid, you went so far above what we expected in a real estate agent…thank you!

Chrissy provided extremely professional service in the recent sale of our property. She was very helpful throughout the process including getting home ready for sale, preparing market materials, working with buyers, offering advice on market and negotation approach, etc. After heaving dealt with other agents in the area, her approach and service was a refreshing change. I would definitley recommend her to anyone buying or selling in the area.

Chrissy is exceptionally good at representing buyers in the purchasing process in Vermont and understands what buyers new to homeownership there need to know. (For example, as Manhattanites, purchasing a property with a propane tank had been a daunting thought until she allayed our concerns.) Chrissy is responsive, extremely knowledgeable of market trends and attentive through all the small steps leading to closing, moving the deal along and making sure no hiccups undermined the process. We’d contacted her randomly through Trulia and were extremely impressed with her professionalism. Plus, she’s just a pleasure to work with. Any buyer would be lucky to have her as a representative.

From the very beginning when the house was first listed, to the final sale, Chrissy handled the myriad of bumps in the road (and there were some bumps!) of this sale with integrity, intelligence and a commitment to getting the job done. Without her professionalism and forthrightness, the closing might have easily gotten derailed. She is all about her customers and getting the job done! (Thank you Chrissy!!!)

A much belated, but HUGE thank you for everything you did to connect us to the Holden Hill Rd house. From honing in so intuitively to what we were looking for, to be available/accessible during the process, to your good counsel throughout the journey, to knocking down hurdles along the way, to following up on all the steps needed for the close, etc. etc. etc. You really were a terrific partner!

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