HOA/Community Association Management

Effectively running a community can be a challenge. TPW's HOA and Community Association Management services provide the essential support services to ensure that your community is run efficiently and effectively. We provide:

  • Governing Document Management: By-laws, Declaration, Rules, and Regulations
  • State/Local Issues Resolution
  • Insurance Policy Bidding, Claims Assistance, and Management
  • Homeowner and Board Meeting Management: Scheduling, Notices, Minutes
  • Resolution Management

Homeowner and Board meeting notifications, schedules, logistics, and minute recording are no longer a responsibility of the Board when TPW manages the community. Copies of notices to homeowners, meeting minutes, and Board developed Administrative Rules are all disseminated by email, "snail mail" or fax, depending on the mode the Board and community members require. In addition, documents can be posted to a secure community association website for homeowners to access. Your community will have the information it needs promptly.

Communication is one of the most effective ways to help increase support for Board decisions. In addition, effective communication allows Members to voice their comments, requests, and concerns so that the Board can make its decisions based on the best interests of the entire membership.

Through proactive communication, community members are invited to Go Play and leave the work to TPW!