Service Providers


Name: Advisors Mortgage
Phone: 617-997-3765
Contact Person and Info: Dwayne Coneeny

Name: Bank of Bennington
Phone: 802-362-4760
Website  Email
Contact Person and Info: Wendy Chanaille

Name: Brattleboro Savings
Phone: 802-275-3902
Website Email Online Application
Contact Person and Info: Helen Wachtel

Name: Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.
Phone: 802-578-3560
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: PJ McHenry

Name: Heritage Family Credit Union
Phone: 802-747-2345
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: Robin Mowry

Name: Homestead Funding Corp.
Phone: 518-292-1677
Website  Email
Contact Person and Info: Douglas Seder

Name: Mascoma Savings
Phone: 802-885-4948
Website Email 
Contact Person and Info: Sarah Powell

Name: Peoples United Bank
Phone: 802-362-3226
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: Catherine Eakins

Name: Prime Lending
Phone: 802-975-0350
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: Victoria Blodgett

Name: Title Mortgage
Phone: (603) 252-8043
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: Bill Vierzen

Name: Vermont Mortgage Company
Phone: 802-999-6737
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: Rebecca Williams

Name: Vermont State Employees Credit Union (open to all)
Phone: 802-371-5162
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: Michelle Duprey


Name: TCB Design
Phone: 802-768-8753
Contact Person and Info: Todd Beyer
Business Address: 41 Bonnet St., Suite 2, Manchester Center, Vermont 05255


Name: Ceglowski & Thrasher LLC, Attorneys at Law
Phone: 802-394-9944
Business Address: 2023 Rt. 153, Rupert, VT 05768

Name: Dakin and Benelli
Phone: 802-875-4000
Contact Person and Info: Bill Dakin

Name: John Marchica Law Office 
Phone: 802-885-4300
Business Address: 83 Main St., Springfield, VT 05156
Website Email

Name: Samuelson Law Offices
Phone: 802-362-2448
Business Address: 5319 Main St., Manchester Center, VT 05255

Name: Brian Teason, Esq.
Phone: 802-362-2423
Business Address: 3746 Main St., Manchester, VT 05254

Name: Whalen Hand & Gilmour, PLC
Phone: 802-362-2310
Contact Person and Info: Marilyn Hand
Business Address: 170 Bonnet St., Manchester Center, VT 05255

Name: James "Lexi" Young, Esq.
Phone: 802-824-5200
Business Address: 5700 Rt. 100, Suite A6, Londonderry, VT 05148
Website Email

Home Inspectors 

Name: AllState Home Inspection
Phone: 802-362-0768
Contact Person and Info: Ray Burgess

Name: Bird Dog Home Inspection
Phone: 802-579-8808
Contact Person and Info: Russ Rosinski

Name: Green Mountain Home and Property Inspectors
Phone: 802-732-8068
Website Email

Name: Maple Hill Home Inspection
Phone: 802-236-8974
Contact Person and Info: Bill Haggerty

Name: Pinnacle Inspections
Phone: 802-282-6842
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: David Gillette

Home and Property Services

Name: All Out Waste
Phone: 802-442-5064
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: Joy Cole

Name: Belmont Septic Design
Phone: 802-733-2561
Contact Person and Info: Kevin Hollebeek

Name: Best Septic
Phone: 802-463-9444
Contact Person and Info: Jeffery Ruggiero

Name: Criterium-Lalancette and Dudka Engineers
Phone: 802-747-4535
Website Email

Name: Pamela Dickman - Property Title Search
Phone: 802-428-4583
Business Address: 70 Burton Rd, Weston, VT 05161

Name: Dorr Septic
Phone: 802-362-2344
Business Address: 209 Riverside Heights, Manchester VT 05255

Name: Four Seasons Septic
Phone: 802-430-9511

Name: Frost Wells and Pumps
Phone: 802-698-1477

Name: HouseMaster
Phone: 802-775-0599

Name: Nu Life Resources Mold Removal
Phone: 518-854-9444
Contact Person and Info: Jeff Gerber

Name: Peniel Environmental
Phone: 866-977-1773
Contact Person and Info: Chelsea Browne

Name: Resourceful Recycling Clean Up Services
Phone: 802-681-5601
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: Matt Granger

Name: SepticPro
Phone: 802-254-5400
Website Email
Contact Person and Info: Jessica Camacho

Name: Uncle Bob's Septic
Phone: 802-232-2222
Business Address: 796 Woodford Rd., Woodford, VT 05201

Property Management Companies (serving local Private Homes)

Name: Carpenter & Costin
Phone: 802-775-5686
Business Address: 84 Deer Lane, Pittsford, VT  05744

Name: Home Maintenance Associates
Phone: 802-362-3364
Contact Person and Info: Carl Grey
Business Address: 1054 Little Pond Rd., Londonderry, VT  05148

Name: Homestead Landscaping
Phone: 802-297-1107 (Bondville & Stratton)
Phone: 802-867-9000 (Dorset & Manchester)
Business Address: 5 Lower Taylor Hill Rd., Bondville, VT  05340
Business Address: 338 Route 30, Dorset, VT  05251

Name: Tom's Lawn Care and Snow Plowing
Phone: 802-362-4866
Business Address: 319 Squires Rd., Manchester, VT  05255

Corporate Relocation, Moving and Storage Companies

Name: Consumer Relocation Services
Phone: 802-824-3496
Business Address: 616 Main St., Weston, VT 05161

Name: Hardpack
Phone: 802-362-2905
Business Address: One Tennis Way, East Dorset, Vermont 05251

Name: MI-BOX of Vermont
Phone: 802-242-2022

Name: Todd Transportation - Rutland
Phone: 802-775-2377
Business Address: 25 Curtis Ave., Rutland, VT 05701